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Year-Long Series

Throughout the year, the UCSD Retirement Association hosts several year-long series of events around a central theme. These series can be educational and intellectual, such as our Discover UCSD series, or more adventurous, such as our Insider Museum Tours. Events for each series take place throughout the year, from Fall through Spring. This year, during the lockdown, all presentations will be delivered via Zoom. Please RSVP here to receive the Zoom link.

See a full listing of UCSD Retirement Association events here.

And see video recordings of previous UCSD Retirement Association events on the UCSD Retirement Association YouTube Channel.

Discovering UCSD

In this series, UCSD Retirement Association members will have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of behind-the-scenes tours and visits of various UCSD facilities and assets. These tours will be conducted via Zoom, and will include a personalized tour and presentation followed by Q & A. For information regarding the specific sites we're planning to visit, and the month planned for the visit, see the flyer link below. Details on date and time of events will be published in the RA Gazette, and the Zoom link will be emailed to all who register for the event on RA RSVP.

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Neighborhood Exploration Walks

Retirement Association Neighborhood Exploration Walks offer RA members the opportunity to gather in a selected neighborhood and explore it together on a curated walk of one and a half to two hours, to explore the various particular aspects of the neighborhood, such as wall murals, specialty local businesses, and historic buildings or points of interest. These leisurely walks are intended as a safe, outdoor, social activity for members, giving them a taste of the various neighborhoods. Come walk with us and explore the many hidden gems of San Diego's diverse neighborhoods.

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Faculty Lecture Series

Attend a lecture presented by current and Emeriti faculty members. These lectures are free and open to all UCSD Retirement and Emeriti Association members, as well as to current staff and faculty. The topics of these lectures include contemporary political issues and historical reflections, scientific discoveries and current topics in the arts and humanities. For a full listing of all the lectures, see the flyer below.

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Savvy Senior Seminars

The UCSD Retirement Association hosts a series of educational seminars, called Savvy Senior Seminars, which are designed to inform UCSD staff & faculty, and newer retirees, about essential aspects of retirement planning. Our Savvy Senior Seminars impart attendees with a greater understanding of topics such as social security, estate planning, Medicare, Probate, Long Term Care Insurance, and much more. For a full listing of seminars, see the flyer below.

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RA Food Demos

Join us for presentations by select members of the RA who will share how to prepare some of their favorite dishes from around the world. All seminars this year will be offered via Zoom. Food Demos are open only to Retirement Association members. Please RSVP for each event. You will receive the Zoom event link via email the day before the event. Each Food Demo is accompanied by a detailed recipe so you can make the dish yourself at home. Enjoy!

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Gardening Series

This series will include presentations by speakers of the Master Gardener Association of San Diego County regarding all aspects of gardening. In these presentations, various MGA Master Gardeners will discuss how to succeed in planting vegetables in the fall, how to accommodate your garden for your pets and wildlife, the many precautions you will need to conserve water, how landscape properly during times of drought, and how to bring joy to your garden as a whole. Join us for these enjoyable and informative presentations.

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Home Maintenance Series

Join us at the UCSD Retirement Association as we delve into the art and importance of home maintenance management with home expert, Melissa Grace, the CEO of LiveSimpli. LiveSimpli aims to serve busy families and seniors aging in place with home maintenance made simple. From typical home maintenance throughout the seasons to preparing your home for the future, Melissa Grace will provide you with the peace of mind for living more and stressing less. Being in the business for 35 years and being homeowners themselves, LiveSimpli knows the ins and outs of home maintenance with a dedicated team ensuring that members have the support they need,

Home Maintenance Series flyer


The Let’s Take a Walk Series is going strong! Back again as group walks, with a new walk featured each quarter. RA Walks and hikes offer a great way to experience good exercise, appreciation of the area's flora and fauna, a nice mix of sun and shade, and a family and stroller-friendly path that’s great for everyone. These are different than the Neighborhood Exploration walks, as these are more fitness-oriented, with a quicker pace, and are not in urban areas.

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The study of Genealogy may allow an individual a chance to reach into their family's past and learn about their history, previous ways of life, religion, traditions, dishes, and even events that have shaped a family's past and present. The instructor will hold weekly office hours. The UCSD Retirement Association is offering a 10-Part series of classes, presented via Zoom by Matthew Xavier, master genealogist. Classes will be recorded if participants cannot attend a particular session.

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Emeriti Association's Faculty Lecture Series

The UCSD Emeriti Association invites Retirement Association members to attend their Faculty Lecture Series. These lectures are held once per month on the second Wednesday of each month during the academic year, as part of the UCSD Emeriti Association's General Monthly Meeting. At each meeting a distinguished faculty speaker presents a talk on a timely topic. All Emeriti General Meetings and lectures will be offered via Zoom this year. These meetings will begin at 3:45 PM, with association announcements, followed by the introduction of the featured speaker. Emeriti Association General Meetings will run until 5 PM.

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The Council of University of California Retirement Associations (CUCRA) arranges tours for UC Retirees with Collette Vacations. Learn more about the tours arranged by CUCRA and promotion deals on other tours offered by Collette Vacations.



In addition to the year-long series, the UCSD Retirement Association also hosts other events, such as volunteering events, dance classes, tours and trips, educational events, health & fitness seminars, and a brewery crawl, to name a few. Visit the event registration page below to view and register for UCSD RA events.