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See how to utilize association benefits, begin new educational pursuits, learn about community resources, and reach other related associations & organizations.

Association Resources

Contact Us

For any questions or for more information about any programs the UCSD Retirement Association has to offer, send us an email or call us at (858) 534-4724.

Retiree and Emeriti YouTube Channel (REYT)

The Retiree and Emeriti YouTube Channel (REYT) has video recordings of many of its lectures. Be sure to subscribe here to receive notifications of new content.


The Retirement Resource Center is the place to go for events and information about your benefits. We have detailed instructions and a map to help you find your way there.

If you have worked for the University for more than 20 years, you may qualify for a parking permit. Learn more about parking permit eligibility and restrictions and view the application here.

RA Retiree Parking Guide (PDF)
Parking Application (PDF)
Find the RRC (PDF)

Email Forwarding

As a member of the UCSD Retirement Association, you can take advantage of an email forwarding service that allows you to forward email from your email account to your personal email account.

How to Set Up Email Forwarding

Organization Information

Learn more about the history and responsibilities of the UCSD Retirement Association. 

Committee Responsibilities (PDF)
History of the Association (PDF)
Contact Us


For more information about how to become a member of the Retirement Association, see the following page, which contains the membership application and specific instructions for applying, include information regarding the types of membership fees.

Join the UCSD Retirement Association

UCSD Retirement Association Fidelity Representative

The UCSD Retirement Association has a dedicated Fidelity representative who can provide FREE, private and confidential consultations with RA members and their spouses. 

Our UCSD Fidelity Representative, Ron Appling, is available to Retirement Association members to schedule a private, forty-five minute appointment via phone or Zoom. Set up your private Fidelity one-on-one consultation today!

 Join the UCSD Retirement Association

UCSD Retirement Resource Center Founding Director, Suzan Cioffi, 2003-2023

Founding Director of the UCSD Retirement Resource Center, Suzan Cioffi - summary of her innovations and accomplishments (historical document) during her twenty year time at the helm of the RRC/RA/EA/CSP/EMP.

Educational Resources

Year-Long Series

Here at the Retirement Resource Center, we host several year-long educational series that expose attendees to new ideas and cultures. The events in these series take place throughout the year, from Fall to Summer. A few examples of our past historical series include a climate change series that delves into the complex effects of climate change on our environment through a variety of talks, film viewings, and tours, and a global food series that allows RA members to experience food from different cultures around the globe.

Learn More About Our Year-Long Series

Educational Seminars

Throughout the year, the Retirement Resource Center hosts Educational Seminars to provide you with the tools to prepare for retirement. Our extensive seminars give you a better understanding of topics like Medicare, Social Security, and estate planning. These seminars have been one of the most popular programs here at the Retirement Association.

See Educational Seminar Schedule (PDF)

Extension Courses

With more than 600 courses and 120 certificate programs every quarter, UCSD Extension offers an exciting environment that promotes active exploration of new ideas. Extension's diverse programs appeal to both sides of the brain. Consider Bioinformatics and Life Painting, or Engineering and Socratic Dialogue. Whether you're interesting in working toward a degree or simply developing an appreciation for the world around you, UCSD Extension offers a rich array of oportunities.

UCSD Extension Website

Osher Institute of Lifelong Learning

The Osher Institute of Lifelong Learning is a program designed to create a learning community for older adults. The program offers a variety of courses from Art and Literature to Medicine and Science. 

Osher Instititute Website

UC Retirement Resources

UC Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC)

The UC Retirement Administration Service Center is the place to go for any questions you may have regarding your retirement benefits, including questions about preparing to retire, current retirement annuity issues, change of address, notification of death, and setting up or changing automatic deposit.

View contact information for RASC here.

RASC also holds semimonthly webinars to help prepare you for retirement by explaining UC retirement benefits, providing you with information about what you need to do to retire, and examples of retirement benefits calculations. 

RASC has also pre-recorded the presentation. You may view the first video of the presentation below:

Preparing for Retirement video

Learn more about RASC and watch the remaining presentation videos here.

UC Retirement Benefits

Prepare for your retirement by taking full advantage of the resources provided by UC. In addition to the retirement benefits and savings programs provided by UC, educational and counseling resources provided by UC guide you in the retirement planning process. Learn more about UC retirement benefits, savings programs, and other retirement planning resources here.

Retiree Health and Welfare Benefits

When you retire, you may be eligible to receive UC-sponsored health and welfare coverage that may include medical, dental, vision, legal, or AD&D coverage. Learn more about retiree health and welfare benefits and eligibility here.

At Your Service

Use the At Your Service site to find earnings statements, retirement annuity statements, tax withholding, W2 and 1095C, health and welfare current enrollments, direct deposit, the Retirement Estimator, and beneficiary information.

Retirement Estimator

The Retirement Estimator allows you to view estimates for your retirement benefits for different ages based on your current salary. The Estimator allows you to observe how changes to your work schedule or salary affect your pension. Learn more about the Retirement Estimator, available for use at the At Your Service site. 

Fidelity Retirement Services

Find information about your 403b and 457 investments here.

Retirement Income Planning – 5 short videos

Watch these 5 short videos to learn more about assessing your retirement income plan.

UC Guide to Survivor and Beneficiary Benefits

Find information about Survivor and Beneficiary Benefits UC Guide to Survivor and Beneficiary Benefits.

External Resources

San Diego Parks and Recreation has a wide range of in-person programs and activities for seniors. See:

Be sure to expand each of the tabs to explore all of opportunities.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

Formed in 1958, the AARP is a strong and vocal supporter of the rights and abilities of older adults. The AARP provides older adults with information through its newsletter and Modern Maturity magazine (which boasts the third largest magazine circulation in the country). It publishes a number of booklets on topics related to retirement and the realities of modern life for older adults. The AARP provides a number of contracted services for its members to purchase, including a pharmacy, investment program, and a motoring plan. The AARP sponsors educational and service programs and has many volunteer programs for members to join. The AARP also advocates for older adult issues at the local, state and national government.

AARP offers many FREE online classes and activities:

AARP National Headquarters 
1909 K St. N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 20049
AARP Website

National Institute on Aging (NIA)

Established in 1974 by the Research on Aging Act to conduct and support biomedical, social and behavioral research and training related to the aging processes and diseases and other special problems and needs of the aging, the National Institute on Aging (NIA) has done much important research into the health of older adults. In addition to conducting and sponsoring research, the NIA also provides informational publications about a wide variety of topics such as Alzheimer’s Disease and the safe use of medications.

NIA Information Center 
2209 Distribution Circle 
Silver Springs, MD 20910 
(301) 495-3455 
NIA Website

National Council of Senior Citizens (NCSC)

Also an advocate for older adults and their families, the NCSC has four million members nationwide. The NCSC publishes a number of informational pamphlets for members and their families and offers members insurance and health plans and recreation and travel discounts.

National Council of Senior Citizens 
925 15th Street N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 2005 
(202) 347-8800

Gray Panthers (GP)

A national organization of more than 60,000, the Gray Panthers work for political change. They focus on the areas of peace, health care and aging. They often organize letter writing and lobbying campaigns. Your local chapter can also refer you to local senior assistance resources.

Gray Panthers 
311 S. Juniper Street, Suite 601 
Philadelphia, PA 19107 
(215) 545-6555 
Gray Panthers Website

National Senior Citizens Law Center (NSCLC)

The National Senior Citizens Law Center assists senior citizens of limited incomes by acting as legal advocates. NSCLC attorneys provide assistance to older adults in the following areas:
  • Social Security and SSI 
  • Medicare (assisting Medicare recipients solve disputes) 
  • Nursing Home Residents Rights 
  • Pensions: litigation and other forms of assistance regarding retirees’ claims for private and public pension benefits. 
  • Age discrimination
The NSCLC works primarily by supporting attorneys who work in field programs. The NSCLC does not usually get involved in matters such as landlord/tenant disputes, or other areas of the law that are not specifically related to older adults. However, your local Legal Aid office or local bar association may be able to provide you with low cost or free legal services if you cannot afford to hire an attorney to represent you.
1052 W. 6th Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90019 
(213) 482-3550
NSCLC Website 

Federal & State Nursing Home and Assisted Living Regulations

This guide explores the federal and state regulations in place for nursing home and assisted living communities, especially regarding cost, health and safety. It also discusses enforcement and how to get data on how closely a facility follows regulations. These regulations are current as of 2021.

Gym Memberships via United Healthcare Plans

UC Medicare Choice sponsored by United HealthCare has what they call Renew Active. At no additional cost, with this program the members receive a free gym membership at a fitness location retirees select
from their large nationwide network among other incentives. Retirees can call or go online to learn more and to get their confirmation code. Log in to the plan website, go to Health & Wellness and select Renew Active or call the number on your UnitedHealthcare member ID card to obtain your code.

More info is in the plan booklet starting on page 87 or by searching the document for "gym".

UC Medicare Choice Plan Booklet

Retirement Resources

Essential Contacts

UCOP Retirement Administration Service Center (RASC)
P.O. Box 24570 Oakland, CA 94623-1570 
Monday - Friday, 8:30AM - 4:30PM PST 
UC Information & Forms

UCSD Retirement Association Contacts

Vania Bailon
Office: 858-534-4724
Fax: 858-534-3767

UC San Diego Healthcare Facilitator Team

For Escalated Retiree Medical & Medicare Billing Issues 

Medical & Legal Plans

American Specialty Health Plans
Chiropractic/Acupuncture Network for Anthem Blue Cross 

Group #102604 
Kaiser Member Page

Non-Medicare Group #55229J 
Medicare Group #5047SR 
Blue & Gold Group #5047XK

P.0. Box 9103 
Van Nuys, CA 91409 
Seniority Plus 800-275-4737 
CVS/Caremark 800-966-5772 
Vision Plan/EyeMed Vision Care 866-392-6058

Behavioral Health Plans

United Behavioral Health
Group #11280 
800-842-9489 (TDD) 
Live and Work Well

Managed Health Network (MHN)
Group #009974 
Intake: 800-831-4879 
Claims: 800-444-4281 
P.O. Box 14621 
Lexington KY 40512-4621 
Health Net Website 
MHN Website

ARAG Group Legal Plan
Group #11700 
ARAG Group Website

Dental & Vision Plans

Delta Dental
Group #3999-0601 
P.O. Box 997330 
Sacramento, CA 95899 

DeltaCare USA
Group #020 390 039
12898 Towne Center Dr. 
Cerritos, CA 90701 

Vision Service Plan
Group #123-344-45 
P.O. Box 997100 
Sacramento, CA 95899-7 100 
VSP Website

Insurance & Savings Programs

Fidelity Retirement Services
Fidelity Investments Tax 
Exempt Services Company (FITSCo) 
FITSCO Website

Farmers Auto Home and Renters Insurance
Farmers Auto Home and Renters Insurance

Social Security Administration
Social Security Website

Health & Fitness Resources

Cultural Resources

UCSD Resources

UCSD RRC Student Staff members

UCSD Retirement Resource Center Student Staff members

The activities and programs of the UCSD Retirement Resource Center, Retirement and Emeriti Associations have been primarily supported by a long line of student staff members who, in addition to being bright and diligent, have brought their creativity and caring to succeed in their jobs. We wish to recognize here this long line of student staff members who have exemplified excellence in their job while pursuing their undergraduate degrees at UC San Diego.

For each student you will see: Name, Years at UCSD, Years at the RRC, Major and LinkedIn profile

Caroline Stevens, 2006-2009, 2007-2010, Political Science, Linkedin

Yekaterina (Katya) Damina, 2008-2011, 2010-2011, Mathematics/Economics/Accounting, Linkedin

Crystal Innabi, 2009-2013,2010-2013, International Studies; Linguistics; Political Science and Government, Linkedin

Arian Farahani,  2009-2012, 2009-2012, General Biology, Linkedin

Lily Tom, 2010-2014, 2012-2014, Management Science; Minor in Accounting, Linkedin

Austin Peters, 2011-2015, 2011-2015, American Politics, Linkedin

Lilian Argueta, 2011-2015, 2012-2015, Human Development; Social Development, Linkedin

Chris Tina Chen, 2013-2017, 2014-2015, Cognitive Science: Specialization in Human and Computer Interaction, Linkedin

Brandon Dang, 2014-2019, 2015-2016, Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, Linkedin

Claudia Cheng, 2014-2018, 2015-2016, International Relations and Affairs, Linkedin

Jessica Cao, 2014-2018, 2015-2017, International Studies - Political Science; Minor in Economics, Linkedin 

Andy Thai, 2014-2018, 2015-2016, Mathematics-Computer Science; Cognitive Science with specialization: Human-Computer Interaction, Linkedin

Vania Bailon-Casarrubias, 2015-2018, 2016-2018, Economics, Linkedin

Gonzalo Santos, 2015-2019, 2016-2017, Human Biology, Linkedin

Carli Underhill, 2015-2019, 2016-2018, Human Biology, Linkedin

Abraham Velasquez, 2016-2020, 2017-2017, Applied Mathematics, Linkedin

Rebeca Cardenas, 2016-2020, 2017-2018, Mechanical Engineering, Linkedin

Chris Cheng, 2016-2020, 2017-2017, Mathematical Statistics and Probability, Linkedin

Tommy Dang, 2015-2019, 2017-2018, Computer Engineering, Linkedin

Hongru Yu, 2016-2020, 2017-2017, Bioengineering: Bioinformatics, Linkedin

Brendan Justus, 2017-2021, 2018-2019, Mechanical Engineering, Linkedin

Jennifer Hang, 2017-2021, 2018-2019, Chemical Engineering, Linkedin

Adan Ruiz, 2017-2021, 2018-2018, Mechanical Engineering, Linkedin

Sidney Huen,2017-2021, 2018-2018, Mechanical Engineering, Linkedin

Stephanie Mountain, 2017-2021, 2018-2018, Chemical Engineering, Linkedin

Ivy Dang, 2016-2020, 2018-2018, General Biology, Linkedin

Ixchel Rivas Torres, 2018-2022, 2018-Present, Economics and International Relations-International Business, Linkedin

Juan Ramirez, 2018-2022, 2018-2019, Computer Science, Linkedin

Meggie Do, 2018-2022, 2019-2021, Human Biology, LinkedIn

Denise Trieu, 2018-2022, 2019-2022, Human Biology, LinkedIn

Hailey Clanton, 2018-2022, 2019-2020, Neurobiology and Neurosciences, LinkedIn

Thy Vu, 2018-2021, 2019-2020, Linguistics; Specialization - Speech and Language Sciences, Linkedin

Anthony Luu, 2019-2023, 2020-2022, Mechanical Engineering, LinkedIn

Melissa Espinoza, 2019-2023, 2021-2023, Clinical Psychology, LinkedIn

Hailee Rodriguez-Terry, 2019-2023, 2021-Present, Speculative Design, LinkedIn

Chenyan Zhao, 2020-2024, 2022-2022, Mathematics & Econ, LinkedIn

Sarah Griffith, 2020-2024, 2022-2022, Chemistry, LinkedIn

Misa Franknedy, 2020-2024, 2022-2023, Data Science, LinkedIn

Jocelyn Lopez, 2020-2024, 2022-Present, Public Health, LinkedIn

Sharlyn Figueroa, 2020-2024, 2021-2022, Human Biology, LinkedIn

Lynicia Moody, 2021-2025, 2022-2023, Business Economics, LinkedIn

Annie Nguyen, 2022-2026, 2023-Present, Political Science and Government, LinkedIn

KristiLynn Effie, 2022-2026, 2023-Present, Visual Arts (Studio), LinkedIn