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RA YouTube


Learn about the  UCSD Retirement Association YouTube channel. Created during the Covid-19 pandemic, the UCSD Retirement Association YouTube (RAYT) channel goes a long way toward fulfilling the first objective of the UCSD Retirement Association, which is to provide educational and entertaining programming to its members. Although some UCSD Retirement Association programs are private - such as our interest groups - many of the association's programs are open to the public, and the video recordings are shared with the public via the RAYT channel. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to receive regular notifications of new programming. 

RAYT Playlists

According to your interests, you may find it more productive to explore the RAYT via its many playlists. With RAYT playlists, video recordings are grouped by area of interest or specialty. See the following RAYT playlists:

Senior Seminars - You will find all of the seminars which provide helpful information for important issues as you age. This channel includes seminars on Estate Planning, Probate, Rightsizing Your Home, Senior Housing Options, Long Term Care Insurance, Home Safety, Medicare, and Fiduciary vs. Family as Trustee.

Healthy Living/Healthy Eating - A series of talks presented by Erin Kukura, Nutritionist for UC San Diego Fitlife.

Discovering UCSD - An opportunity to explore UCSD via a wide range of video tours and presentations.

RA Faculty Lecture Series - A wide array of lectures by UC San Diego current and emeriti faculty members.

Arts & Culture Series - This playlist highlights the various presentations and virtual tours hosted by the UCSD Retirement Association, all focusing on arts and culture.

Emeriti Lecture Series - The RA's sister organization, the UCSD Emeriti Association, offers a lecture series as well, which is included here.

Virtual Museum Tours - Come and visit interesting local and national museums and hear presentations by docents, directors and volunteers as they share what is fascinating about each museum.